Grace in Kauai
Grace in Kauai

Grace and PaulGrace Parazzoli is an Albuquerque-based writer, editor, and marketer. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Grace studied English literature at Princeton before pursuing a career in book publishing. She has worked as an editor at Oxford University Press in New York and Voyageur Press in Minneapolis, where she acquired or edited books on a range of subjects, from politics to pizza.

In 2013, she moved to Albuquerque and briefly tried her hand at ranching (but was too squeamish during roundups). Since then she has been a writer, copyeditor, editor, and content marketing manager for several publishers and businesses. In 2017, she founded a copywriting business, Wax Tablet Content LLC, which is dedicated to providing engaging, informative, and clean copy to businesses. Through Wax Tablet, Grace writes blog articles, social media posts, web copy, and other forms of copy for businesses.

Grace is excited to be part of the CGA team because it's a fantastic group of smart, thoughtful women trying to do good things in an uncertain world.

When she's not staring at her laptop, Grace enjoys hiking, reading, and obsessing over musicals (Showboat to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). She is married to a wonderful physicist/boat captain/pasta-making genius from Seattle.

Grace is CGA's social media and marketing coordinator; you can follow CGA at the links below.

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