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Dr. Roger Harmon

Dr. Roger Harmon, Nancy's husband, is a cultural anthropologist who has lived, studied and worked for many years in Southeast Asia. He reads, writes and speaks Thai and has a working knowledge of Lao. After doing graduate research in Thailand and working many years with refugees after the Southeast Asian (Vietnam) War, he trained Peace Corps volunteers and staff in Thailand, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere.  He served as Peace Corps Country Director in Thailand from 2000-2002. During this time, he and Nancy showed many guests the country, often taking them to small towns and villages where Peace Corps volunteers were working with dedicated Thai colleagues. Visitors responded so enthusiastically that Roger started a travel business in 2003.

Roger and Nancy take small groups of 8-12 to many destinations in Asia, often both to popular tourist spots, but then leaving the main roads to introduce people to his friends and to life in rural areas. Travelers visit schools, hospitals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) doing development work and talk with authors, educators, artists and religious leaders—and spontaneous opportunities for interaction are sought throughout!

A portion of each traveler’s fee is donated to projects the group select as we travel.  Roger tailors trips to the interests of his travelers, such as a former tour in Laos and Vietnam called Food, Fabric and Family. Recently he has added Bhutan, where travelers have an opportunity to study the fascinating concept of the king's Index of Gross National Happiness, based on Buddhist principles, cultural preservation, good governance and environmental sustainability.

More information can be found at his website Or, for the latest information, e-mail Roger at Tours can also be designed for educators through the Center for Global Awareness. 

Teschu Dancers, Bhutan photo Roger Harmon

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