Chapter 8 - People Creating a Future: The Global Wave

This chapter explains the political, social, economic, and cultural developments from 2000 onward. The intensification and expansion of neoliberal capitalism and the development of state capitalism in certain countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia are discussed. The techno-economic ramifications on the other cultural traits – such as society, culture, and the environment – round out the chapter.

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Author’s Comments

8. People Creating a Future: The Global Wave

The Global Wave is presently developing across the world. Humans in this wave create globally interconnected communication, transportation, financial, commercial, and trade networks and they use sophisticated technological innovations. I found that there are different and often contentious ways of looking at issues and events around the world. Thus, I have identified five worldviews—indigenous, modern, fundamentalist, globalized, and transformative – to explain these different perspectives.

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