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The Center for Global Awareness is an educational nonprofit that encourages transformative and lifelong learning for adults, educators, and students of all ages. Integrating a holistic approach, cultural awareness, and global perspectives into its books, resources, workshops, and programs, CGA's purpose is to promote personal and global well-being.

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Five Worldviews: Different Ways We See the World 2nd ed.

Do you sometimes wonder if we will ever get along? Five Worldviews helps us understand why we see the world so differently. Looking at issues through the lens of five worldviews–indigenous, traditional, progressive, globalized, and transformative–helps us arrive at a place of understanding our own and other people's perspectives without trying to change them. If you are intent on learning about the five worldviews and helping to bridge them, this book is for you. We all have a voice and a critical stake in the outcome.







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Ground-breaking books from a unique holistic approach and lively global perspective.

Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflection, a conversation and study program for self-organizing lifelong learners.

Free! thought-provoking resources to accompany our books, for students grade 9-university.

Global Awareness Thru Travel (GATT), a travel advisory service with Dr. Denise Ames that helps travelers see the world with new eyes.



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Coming soon! Study guide and resources for Five Worldviews 2nd edition.