Connecting the Roots of the Global Economy: A Holistic Approach, Brief Edition

By Dr. Denise R. Ames

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The brief edition of the global economy offers an alternative and understandable approach that gives a realistic portrayal of the relationship of the global economy to society and the environment from a holistic perspective. To present clear concepts, I organize this book into chapters on neoliberalism and state capitalism, economic globalization, and the financial sector. My intention in writing the book is to give a critique of the global capitalist system as it functions today.

Since I don’t feel that the current economic system is working very well for the vast majority of the world’s population or for the environment, I want to convey this message in an even-handed and non-confrontational way. Since I am a historian, not an economist, I look at the global economy from an outside perspective and examine the real workings of the economy, not the ideal version presented in the media or economic courses. I want you, the reader, to come to your own conclusions. This book will help to sort out the confusing and overwhelming events that are directly affecting you, your future, and the lives of those around you.

The concepts and reading level are geared toward grades 9-12 students, undergraduate, non-major college students, and the general reader wanting a better grasp of the global economy.

The Global Economy was a hit in a class recently taught by Dr. Julia Reyes at Metro State University in Denver, CO.

A few student comments …

  • It is a very powerful read, overall, an absolutely fantastic read.
  • It was organized, well written and constantly assured the person unaware of the complexity of our world economics they were not the only people confused. I personally needed that reassurance.
  • This book could be used to teach basic world economics, or just essential information for all people trying to understand our complex world economic situation.


Global Awareness

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Table of Contents

  1. An Overview of the Global Economy
  2. Historical Roots of the Global Economy
  3. The Neoliberal Stew:
    A Dozen Essential Ingredients
  4. The Impact of Neoliberalism
    in the United States: Ten Consequences
  5. The Economic Globalization Puzzle:
    Ten Pieces
  6. The Impact of Economic Globalization
  7. The Financial Sector: Ten Fatal Flaws
  8. The Financial Sector: Crisis and its Aftermath