Dr. Denise R. Ames (founder and President) is an educator with over 30 years teaching experience at secondary schools, universities, a community college, adult educational programs, and professional development workshops. She took her bachelor’s degree in history education from Southern Illinois University, and master’s degree and doctorate in history education with a focus in world history from Illinois State University. Her teaching topics range from academic subjects such as world history, global issues, United States history, Western Civilization, world humanities, cultural studies, and global business issues, to secondary social studies classes, pedagogy, and current topics such as global issues, the global economy, and global education.

Denise, Beruit, Lebanon, with Family at a Shrine

Dr. Ames is currently the founder and President of the Center for Global Awareness, a non-profit organization developing books and educational resources from a holistic approach and global perspective for students and educators in grades 9 through university. Her extensive travels, personal experiences, reflections, and scholarly research have all contributed to her common sense approach to the often overwhelming subjects she teaches and writes about. She is dedicated to working with educators, students, and the general public to foster a better understanding of the myriad of global issues we face, a holistic teaching model for world history, and the effects of the global economy on ourselves, the global community, and the environment.

Denise, France, European Parliament




Dr. Ames has presented numerous classes, workshops, and lectures on her holistic world history, the global economy, cross-cultural understanding, and global awareness locally, nationally, and internationally. She is the author of Waves of Global Change: A Holistic World History, 2nd Edition, Waves of Global Change: An Educator’s Handbook for Teaching a Holistic World History, The Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System, and Financial Literacy: Wall Street and How it Works, and Connecting the Roots of the Global Economy: A Holistic Approach, Brief Edition. Forthcoming in 2016 are Human Rights: A Universal Value System? and The Global Wave: Navigating the Winds of Change.

Denise, Syria at a Turkish Bath

World cultures and history have been Dr. Ames’ life-long interest and study. Her extensive travels have taken her to domestic and international locations. Her destinations include: (in order of most recent) Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Germany, China, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy, Costa Rica, Syria, Lebanon, Great Britain, Israel, Palestine, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Russia, Slovenia, Caribbean Islands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, (former) East Germany, Austria, (former) Soviet Union (includes Ukraine & Moldova), Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada. Most of her travel experiences have focused on historical, economic and cultural developments in a particular country and contributed to her real-life approach to academic subjects.

Denise, Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace



Along with her professional interests and work in history, global issues, and education, Dr. Ames has owned her own small retail business for eight years, constructed and remodeled eight houses, and exhibited and trained Arabian horses. She has two adult children, their spouses, and a granddaughter. She particularly enjoys traveling, hiking, yoga, reading, biking, gardening, and visiting with family and friends. She and her husband Jim currently reside near the campus of the University of New Mexico in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Denise, Juarez, Mexican-American Border Crossing

Global Awareness News

Joan Brodsky Schur, co-author with Denise Ames of the Middle East Lesson Plan, has just published an article in Euro Clio (European Assoc. of History Educators), A Historical Memory: Thinking Critically about Museums and Monuments with Students. Great for educators!


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