Travel with New Eyes:
A Global Awareness Guide for Travelers

By Dr. Denise R. Ames

With this book I am launching the concept of globally aware travel for the general public. I have found that travelers want to know such things as how the history of an area fits into the big historical picture, why certain people have the values and traditions that they do, how a regions' culture and geography affect local food and customs, what are different people's views about significant global issues, or how our own view of the world influences what we experience on our travels. Delving into these questions, and many more, is the essence of globally aware travel and the purpose of this book.

Five Worldviews
2023, 206 pgs.
Illustrated, index, glossary, source notes, and bibliography.


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Your journey lies before you and will be what you make it. Denise Ames

Are you often disappointed that your travels have left you wanting a more authentic and deeper experience? Do you wonder what lessons you can learn from your travels? Are you a culturally curious and engaged traveler who is seeking to enhance your awareness about the world? Are you a lifelong learner who is eager to make the world your classroom? If so, read on, as this book is written for you.

Travel Model

In my years as an educator, world historian, and traveler, I have found that many engaged and curious lifelong learners are eager to see the world with new eyes, hear fresh perspectives, learn about new ideas, and seek out authentic experiences. In response to this need, I am offering global awareness as a new focus of travel.

Notwithstanding my form of travel, whether I am travelling on a cruise ship, a road trip, or visiting with family and friends, I can satisfy my desire to understand different cultures and historical backgrounds. Once I have deciphered the cultural clues hidden beneath the surface, I can realize my goal of greater cultural and historical understanding. This is one of the reasons I have written this book, to share with you my passion for travel along with cultural clues that I have accumulated over the years to uncover cultural differences and understand diverse historical backgrounds; in other words, to enhance global awareness for travelers.

The different reasons for travel have resulted in a travel industry that offers a mindboggling array of niche options available to meet the diverse needs and many different tastes of the traveling public. I would like to offer a different approach to travel that has not been offered as of this date: globally aware travel.

This guide is an overview of what I have found to be the meaning of global awareness and the ways in which it can enhance our travel experiences. I would like to share this personally exciting and purposeful new focus of travel with you.

My overall purpose in writing this book is to enhance travelersí global awareness by understanding our place in the wider world and our relationships with others.