Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflections

Conversations that explore global issues, transcend cultural divides, and engage for change

Where can we turn to for reassurance? Many of us feel overwhelmed and hopeless about our contentious culture and uncertain world. Would you enjoy having a group of people to talk to openly about your feelings and ideas? Would it help to have some guidance and context for these conversations? GATHER may be just the program for you!

Gather Diagram

The Center for Global Awareness is pleased to announce GATHER, an inspiring program for adult learners. Through conversation and reflection, we can work together to enhance global awareness and bridge deep cultural divides.

GATHER is a conversation-based study program connecting small groups of concerned adults. Each group gathers together to enhance global awareness by studying and conversing about pressing global and cultural concerns. Using a unique four-dimensional approach called SEEK—see, evolve, engage, and know—participants will be able to see different perspectives, evolve attitudes and skills to interact with those who are different from them, engage with others to bring about positive systemic change, and become more knowledgeable about pressing global and cultural issues.

The purpose of GATHER is to make an effort to bridge cultural divides and create a world that is more compassionate, sustainable, and, pragmatic, and that respects the needs and values of all people. All GATHER materials are holistic and globally focused, encouraging civil conversations about global issues.

See different perspectives.
Transcend deep cultural and social divides.
Engage with others to bring about systemic change.


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GATHER at a Glance gives you essential information about the program.
Gather Guide Logo This free guide to GATHER gives you an overview of the program, its unique SEEK approach, and why we think it is important. We also include tips on getting a group started, deepening your conversations, and engaging in positive action!
Gather Conversation Pick one of GATHER'S inspiring conversation topics! CGA's veteran educational team has selected conversation topics to increase understanding about pressing global issues and awareness of cross-cultural subjects. Each topic has an accompanying free conversation guide. Learn more...
Gather Resources We have compiled a list of thought-provoking resources, which are interesting supplements to the GATHER conversation topics.