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The Center for Global Awareness provides a variety of resources for educators, students, and the general public.

  • We offer free resources for those using CGA books. They are designed for students but they can also be used by book reading groups to enhance discussion.
  • We provide free lessons plans that focus on a specific global or cross-cultural theme or issue.
  • CGA’s travel partner, Worldview 2000 Travels, offers engaging, cross-cultural travel experiences to destinations not frequently part of most travel itineraries.
Bazaar in Damascus, Syria, photo Denise Ames


Nomadic Yurts, Kyrgyzstan, photo Roger Harmon


Hmong New Year, Vietnam, photo Roger Harmon

Global Awareness News

Joan Brodsky Schur, co-author with Denise Ames of the Middle East Lesson Plan, has just published an article in Euro Clio (European Assoc. of History Educators), A Historical Memory: Thinking Critically about Museums and Monuments with Students. Great for educators!


New Free Global Lesson Plan:
Korean Pop Culture: Entertainment for a Globalized World

Global Awareness Blog

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Global Awareness September 2016 Newsletter

New Lesson Plan!

A new lesson plan about the Korean entertainment industry has recently been released. Learn about the Korean Wave in cinema, television, and music.

Also this month - a back-to-school book purchase deal and the most recent blog highlights.

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Human Rights: Towards a Global Values System
Many obstacles obstruct the path to the implementation of universal human rights, but through the work of social movements, activists and organizations this worthy goal can be realized. Dr. Denise R. Ames. $17.95! (e-reader $14.50)



Waves of Global Change: A Holistic World History, Second Edition
From the big bang to the present, this "big picture" approach organizes the overarching development of humans into five major transformations called waves. With an updated chapter 8, The Global Wave. Dr. Denise R. Ames. $34.95 now $22.95! (e-reader $18.95)


Waves of Global Change: An Educator's Handbook for Teaching a Holistic World History
Explains the principles of a holistic world history model for educators to use in the classroom. Dr. Denise R. Ames $17.95 now $14.95 (e-reader $11.95)


International Folktales: For English Language Learners
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Gives a realistic portrayal of the relationship of the global economy to society and the environment from a holistic perspective. Dr. Denise R. Ames $24.95 now $19.95 (e-reader $15.95)


Financial Literacy: Wall Street and How it Works
Explains the growth of the financial sector, its concentration of wealth, political influence, and contribution to economic inequality. Dr. Denise R. Ames $18.95 now $15.95 (e-reader $12.95)


Connecting the Roots of the Global Economy: A Holistic Approach, Brief Edition
Offers an alternative and understandable approach that gives a realistic portrayal of the relationship of the global economy to society and the environment from a holistic perspective. Dr. Denise R. Ames $19.95 now $16.95 (e-reader $13.95)