Welcome to the Educator Resources for the book
The Global Economy:  Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all educators to the on-line teacher resources accompanying my book The Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System. As the author of the book, I would like to share with you resources, teaching methods, and suggestions that I have compiled over my years of teaching and researching this holistic approach to the global economy.

I have included a wide variety of resources that you may pick and choose from in order to customize your course as you deem appropriate. Although the resources are copyrighted, they are available for free to those who have purchased the global economy for their classrooms. We only request that you identify the Center for Global Awareness as the source.

The resources have been especially created to help involve students in the four dimensions of the Global Awareness Model – knowledge, skills, attitudes, and engagement – that we at the Center for Global Awareness have designed to help create more globally aware citizens for the 21st century. (see below) Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. I hope you and your students will find these resources to be stimulating and thought-provoking. Enjoy your teaching!

            Dr. Denise R. Ames, author, The Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System

The Resource Questions are in Two Parts:

1.  Study Questions – the Knowledge Dimension

Designed to help students learn and retain the knowledge/information about the global economy are in two parts:

  • Terms to Consider are significant terms in the text. When teaching, I had my students identify and cite the significance of each term.
  • Questions to Consider ask detailed questions about the materials covered in the text and also thought-provoking questions that require more individual or group responses. Some of the study questions would be ideal for individual or group activities.

2.  Engagement Questions – Skills, Attitudes, and Engagement Dimension

  • Activities that students may do out of the classroom and involve a form of student action and foster real-life engagement.
  • Critical thinking questions (skills) that ask students to apply the information they have acquired in different applications.
  • Creative thinking (skills) questions that request students to think and act “outside the box” in an imaginative way.
  • Attitude questions that assess shifts in student attitudes from passive observers to more engaged citizens.

Other Resources …

  • Graphic organizers or charts that expand student thinking and hone comparative skills.
  • Word puzzles that help students retain key information and terms, and are fun! (suggestion have students do these in pairs or small groups)
  • Power point slides to add a visual element to the information and foster lively discussion.
  • Suggestions for additional resources such as films, documentaries, YouTube videos, and further reading.