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The Center for Global Awareness is an educational nonprofit that encourages transformative and lifelong learning for adults, educators, and students of all ages. Integrating a holistic approach, cultural awareness, and global perspectives into its books, resources, workshops, and programs, CGA's purpose is to promote personal and global well-being.

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Travel with New Eyes: A Global Awareness Guide for Travelers

With this book I am launching the concept of globally aware travel for the general public. I have found that travelers want to know such things as how the history of an area fits into the big historical picture, why certain people have the values and traditions that they do, how a regions' culture and geography affect local food and customs, what are different people's views about significant global issues, or how our own view of the world influences what we experience on our travels. Delving into these questions, and many more, is the essence of globally aware travel and the purpose of this book.









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Ground-breaking books from a unique holistic approach and lively global perspective.

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Free! thought-provoking resources to accompany our books, for students grade 9-university.

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